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Do you believe you have the attributes of a goddess? Do you possess striking beauty and gracious curves, with an adventurous fun-loving personality to match? If so, please feel free to enter your details and apply to join our agency.

You must be 18-35 years old and either be a resident or have a visa/work permit allowing you to work in the United kingdom. In addition to this you must be willing to attend an informal interview, as this gives us the opportunity to meet each other in an amicable and friendly environment. This allows us to become better acquainted with one another. Furthermore please send photos that illustrate a true reflection of your appearance and physique, to eliminate the intention to mislead. Please ONLY apply if you accept and satisfy all the terms mentioned above.

The advantages of joining our agency is that all the marketing, promotion cost and security checks are conducted by us. Hence this eradicates the necessity for you to conduct all of this promotion and security checks yourselves, as you will consent to delegate these tasks to us. Furthermore, our clients are extremely well mannered, kind and caring gentlemen who will treat you with respect and like the goddess that you are.